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Use of Otto Miller Park

Scheduling Guidelines

Updated March 2016

  • The village sets when the diamonds are open for the season and when they are open or closed during the season. HYS decides after 3:30 if the diamonds will remain open or close due to inclement weather.  Please do not contact us to see if the diamonds are going to be closed I will contact you when the village or HYS closes them. Please be patient.
  • HHS softball and baseball have first priority on the diamonds. We are at the mercy of their schedules which can change at a moment’s notice until their seasons are done. Please have an alternative plan thought out and do not hassle them. They will try to give us as much notice as possible.
  • Please follow the rules and respect one another. If there are complaints from other coaches or HHS your diamond time can be revoked.
  • Respect any game or practice that is on the field or batting cage. Warm up off to the side and keep your team inline. Be patient and flexible.
  • The batting cages are scheduled separately from the diamonds so it is possible to have 7 practices going on at once between the diamonds and the batting cages.
  • You are responsible for raking in the pitcher’s mound and batter’s boxes after your practice. Please also rake anywhere else that the field has been especially torn up as well. Holes make puddles and can affect if we play the next day.
  • Practice slots are scheduled for 1 hour on the diamonds during the popular time periods. This is to get more teams practice time on our diamonds. There will be the following time slots available during the week under the following circumstances;
  1. 6:00 and 7:00 when the high school is home and practices
  2. 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 when the high school is away or there is no practice
  3. 6:30 when the high school has home games
  4. Hardball diamond is available at 5:30 on practice days, 6:30 on game days
  • Friday and Saturday practices do not follow the 1 hour rule. They can be scheduled for a time period of your choosing. Fridays will still follow the high school’s practice or game.  Sunday the only time that the 1 hour rule applies is 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 as this falls under a popular time slot.
  • Only three practices on the diamonds at the rate of one a week can be in the book at a time. An additional one may be added if it’s for the batting cage. The exception to this rule is if you schedule your practices during non-peak hours, such as Friday, Saturday, Sunday before 5, or during the day in the summer.
  • If you schedule a practice and no one practices after you, you may extend your practice time past the hour.
  • Lights are available upon request. If they are turned on for you, you are responsible for turning them off.
  • Due to limited space, peewee or tball teams that arrange a scrimmage may schedule diamond time. Otherwise they need to make other arrangements at another diamond or use grass space where you can find it.
  • Miller Park is scheduled by the village. The phone number is 779-6011.
  • You can contact me by phone, text, or email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. All scheduling will be contacted back in the order that it was received.  My number is 920-213-0621 and email is

I look forward to working with you all. Let’s have a great season!

Candice Ziegler

HYS Scheduler