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Thank you!!

Thank you to all our sponsors! Your help makes what we do possible!

It's All For the Kids!!


Raffle Basket Pick up

The following people have won a raffle basket and can pick ot up at the concessions when they are open.

Wendi Seichter.          Kelly Gust.                       Austin Spindler

Cindy Harde.               Jay Albert.                      Kelly Satori

Aaron Schulz.              Niki Van De Hey.            Rohessa Lund

Lance Simonis.           Ted Skebba.                    Sue Munger

Matt Baughman.         Kathy Ratka.                   Bonnie Sparr

Jeff Seichter.                Eric Brow.                       Angel Lathrop

Kaden Brazean.            Jeff Huettl

Plinko Winners that need to pick up their prizes when the concessions are open.

Ari Mchugh

Beau Collar.                    Sarah Kiger(Palmer)  

Alexis Schaefer.             Lori Sommer.(Jensen 2 Grayson 1)

Briella Alberts.               Nathan Mchugh    


Reserved parking spots that will be up soon

Abby Huettl and Carrie Powell



Candy Bar pick up


Candy bars will be available for pick up at the concession stand when it is open for games.

Important Dates for 2017




June 2 -4

8U Machine Pitch Tournament

June 9 - 11

10U / 12U Baseball Tournament

July 14 - 16

9U / 11U Baseball Tournament


Fall Clean Up


Weather Policy

All you need to know about how and when we cancel games.


To sign up for volunteer hours click on dibs on the upper right and sign in to claim your hours.  

Reminder...3 hours per kid or 6 hours per family is required. 

Always remember to sign in and out with your hours verified in the binder!

Must be 13 or older to volunteer in the concessions!!

Open Positions with HYS


Volunteer Coordinator

Traveling Boys Coordinator (13U - 17U)

Umpire Coordinator